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A Seasoned Team of Math + Computer Vision Experts on a Mission to Enable Machines to Understand the Real World

Meet the Founders and Advisors

Our team combines experts in artificial perception + autonomous vehicles + robotics + virtual reality + top hardware technologies



Youssri is a proven entrepreneur who has successfully cofounded, operated and exited several startups globally, he brings over 25 years of experience in engineering, product management, marketing, and business development in a wide range of technologies to Eonite.



Dr. Petrovskaya is a scientist and entrepreneur with decades of experience in the high tech industry. She received her Doctorate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2011 and won the best PhD Thesis Award from IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2012. She’s an invited author in Springer Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles, chapter on vehicle and pedestrian tracking, and in Springer Handbook of Robotics, chapter on active perception. Her research focuses on Bayesian methods for Artificial Perception in robotic and consumer applications and was a core member of Stanford DARPA driving team.



Peter is a visionary technologist with the talent and passion for designing solutions in Artificial Perception, Computer Vision, and Robotics. He designed solutions in entertainment, medical robotics, and consumer applications for companies such as Intel, Applied Minds, and Auris Surgical.



Gary Bradski is currently CTO of Arraiy, a vision and deep learning startup. Prior to that he was VP of Perception and Machine Learning at Magic Leap. Gary founded Industrial Perception Inc., a robotics company which Google bought in 2013. Before that he was senior scientist at Willow Garage and a consulting prof. at Stanford for 7 years. Gary founded the Open Source Computer Vision Library, currently supported by the for profit smart camera company, More info



Oussama Khatib is Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. His work on advanced robotics focuses on human-centered robotics including humanoid control architectures, human motion synthesis, interactive dynamic simulation, haptics, and human-friendly robot design. He is Co-Editor of the Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics series. More info



Tipatat Chennavasin is a General Partner at the VR Fund and has extensive experience creating both interactive VR/AR and 360 video. He became convinced of the power of VR when he accidently cured himself of his real life fear of heights while developing in VR. He has established himself as VR/AR industry spokesperson and thought leader, and has contributed to many publications and presented at various industry events all around the world. More info

We’re on a Mission

Eonite is on a mission to enable machines to understand the real world – to give computers the advanced perception necessary for the future of autonomous vehicles, VR, AR, robots and drones.

We’re a 5-person team with hands-on self-driving expertise from Stanford’s DARPA Challenge winning team lead by World’s leading expert on detection of moving obstacles
– A. Petrovskaya, et al. Awareness of Road Scene Participants for Autonomous Driving. Springer Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles, 2012
– A. Petrovskaya and S. Thrun. Model Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking for Autonomous Urban Driving. Autonomous Robots Journal, 2009

Eonite has unique IP for self-driving cars such as:

– Low-drift tracking for GPS-denied locations
– High Res 3D reconstruction
– Separate low obstacles from ground surface noise:
Low false positives (0.4%) (i.e. smoother ride) without false negatives (0%)(i.e. without sacrificing safety)
– Black obstacle detection and ground surface estimation

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